If you own a boat that is more than 15 years old, there may be some structural issues that you should check to ensure you will have a safe, and trouble-free time on your boat. Some older and second-hand aluminium boats can show signs of fatigue, with broken welds and corrosion, while fibreglass boats may show signs of rot and delaminating in the transom and frames.  The attached brochure and checklist will give you some idea of what to look for.

Also, many older boats manufactured prior to 2006, when the Australian Builders Plate became compulsory, may not have sufficient buoyancy in the event of a capsize or swamping. 

The best piece of safety gear is you and your decision-making processes, and the second-best bit of gear is your boat.

Take some time to view the following links which provide information on adding additional buoyancy to your boat and what to look for when buying an old or second hand boat.