M016-23 Bass Strait Artificial Reef Installation

Mariners are advised that an artificial reef, consisting of precast concrete modules, will be installed in Bass Strait, north of Turners Beach, commencing on or around 1 February 2023 and concluding on or around 11 February 2023.

The reefs will be deployed via a vessel-mounted crane.  During the installation period, a prohibited area will be in place extending 300m around the perimeter of the reef site.  This prohibited area is bounded by the following co-ordinates (WGS84):


Corner Latitude Longitude
NW 41° 07.184’S 146° 13.007’E
NE 41° 07.184’S 146° 13.580’E
SE 41° 07.613’S 146° 13.580’E
SW 41° 07.613’S 146° 13.007’E

Further queries can be directed to Justin Foster at MAST on 0418 142 053 or via email at justin.foster@mast.tas.gov.au