M039-21 (T) – King Island – Temporary Tidal Gauges to be established  

Mariners are advised that a number of tidal gauges are to be established from the vessel ‘Pacific Crest’ in the vicinity of King Island from 6 February 2021 until end May 2021.

At each location there will be two tidal gauges spaced approximately 200 metres apart, with each tidal gauge marked by a Special light buoy Fl.Y.2s.

The approximate location where each pair of tidal gauges will be installed is as follows:


Location Latitude Longitude
Survey area – NW offshore 39o 11.8’ S 143o 40.2’ E
Survey area – NE offshore 39o 13.4’ S 144o 28.6’ E
Survey area – SE offshore 39o 36.6’ S 144o 26.5’ E
Lavinia Point – North East 39o 39.5’ S 144o 07.1’ E
Victoria Cove 39o 34.7’ S 143o 55.7’ E
Currie Harbour 39o 55.6’ S 143o 49.2’ E
Phoques Bay – South 39o 40.8’ S 143o 51.9’ E
Phoques Bay – offshore 39o 34.6’ S 143o 39.6’ E
Navarine Reef – East 39o 32.0’ S 144o 00.9’ E

An updated position of the buoys will be provided once the installation is complete.

Mariners should navigate the area with caution.