M053-22(T) Port of Devonport – Mersey River – Prohibited Area

Mariners are advised that due to a significant oil spill response taking place, a Prohibited Area has been declared.

The prohibited area includes all waters in an area bounded by an imaginary line drawn from:

  1. The southern end of Devonport number 1 west berth (Cement Australia berth), to
  2. Latitude 41° 10.994’S Longitude 146° 21.819’E, to
  3. Latitude 41° 11.228’S Longitude 146° 21.894’E, to
  4. The southern end of Devonport number 4 West berth.

Vessels directly involved in the oil spill response, or that have been granted movement approval by Devonport VTS, are permitted to operate within the prohibited area.

All other vessels must not enter the prohibited area at any time. The prohibited area remains in place until this notice is cancelled.

Regulation 71 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 provides for the declaration of a specified area, including one surrounding a vessel at anchor, to be a prohibited area for other vessels or persons.  A police officer may intercept and remove to a place of safety any vessel or person in a prohibited area.