M104-21(T) Drilling Works – River Derwent – Bridgewater

A barge will be undertaking on-water geotechnical investigation works from Tuesday, 6 April 2021 until Tuesday, 1 June 2021.  This work includes a number of barge mounted submarine test probes and some core drilling.

The work area is within the following co-ordinates:

Latitude 42° 44.706’S  Longitude 147° 13.710’E

Latitude 42° 45.005’S  Longitude 147° 13.703’E

Latitude 42° 44.966’S  Longitude 147° 13.490’E

Latitude 42° 44.591’S   Longitude 147° 13.532’E

Isolated location at Latitude 42° 44.509’S Longitude 147° 13.580’E

Mariners should navigate with caution in the area.