M130-21 Bass Strait, East of Flinders Island – Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Deployment

Mariners are advised three Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, “Gliders”, will be conducting a survey East of Flinders Island, Bass Strait from Tuesday, 4 May 2021 to Tuesday, 8 June 2021.

The Gliders operate underwater profiling to bottom depth and will be on the surface every two hours for around 10 – 30 minutes uploading data.

Mariners should navigate with caution in this area.

Survey Area:

NW Latitude  38° 50.910’S Longitude  148° 17.636’E
NE Latitude  38° 50.982’S Longitude  149° 45.752’E
SE Latitude  40° 39.994’S Longitude  149° 29.243’E
SW Latitude  40° 39.994’S Longitude  148° 39.179’E