M134-22(T) Esperance Bay – Water Pipe Installation

Mariners are advised that Tassal will be building and installing a 2.2km long water pipe in the Esperance Bay area between 11 April 2022 and 06 August 2022. The pipe will be assembled in seven separate lengths up to 325m long and launched into the Esperance river approximately 1 nautical mile upstream of Rabbit island, towed down the Esperance River and stored in area adjacent to Hawkers Green, bounded by the positions:

  • 43°20.091’S , 147°0.751’E in the North
  • 43°20.125’S , 147°0.910’E in the East
  • 43°20.228’S , 147°0.804’E in the South
  • 43°20.165’S , 147°0.622E’ in the West

Whilst under construction in the Esperance River and storage at Hawkers Green, the pipes will be lit with quick flashing white lights at the end of each length.

Once all seven lengths are complete, they will be towed to the northern side of Port Esperance adjacent to Kent Beach and assembled in to one 2.2km long continuous floating pipe, again lit with quick flashing white lights.

The building and storage of the seven lengths is expected to take up to seven weeks and the movement to Kent Beach and assembly into one length is expected to take up to three days.

Once in a full length, the pipe will be towed and installed by submerging it in its final location near Tassal’s Meads Creek and Stringers leases.  During this final phase of installation vessel traffic on the south side of Hope Island will be interrupted for approximately one day. A more exact date of this last step in the process will be advised to mariners closer to the time of installation.

Mariners should navigate with caution in the area.