M150-21(T) River Derwent, Prince of Wales Bay – Vessel Commissioning

Mariners are advised that Incat will be launching a new vessel at their facility on 13 June 2021. Once launched the vessel will remain alongside the Incat wharf while commissioning is completed. During this time two orange buoys, lit with white lights will be deployed 200m to the NE and E of the Incat wharf in approximate position:

Latitude               Longitude

  1. 42o 49.500’S        147o 18.510’E
  2. 42o 49.580’S        147o 18.600’E

Mooring lines will be running from the wharf and vessel to the mooring buoys.

Mariners are requested to keep 200m clear of Incat facilities for the duration of this notice and to keep vessel wash in the area to a minimum.