M157-22(T) Port of Burnie – Minimum Declared Depths – AMENDMENT

Following recent bathymetric surveys in the Port of Burnie, the following declared depths are now applicable.

Berth                                                                          Minimum depth

Swing Basin                                                                            10.0m

No.4. Berth                                                                             8.2m

No.5. Berth

– Based on vessels with stern at 197m mark

  • Vessels up to 205m                                                       9.4m
  • Vessels over 205m                                                        8.8m

No.6. Berth                                                                              10.5m

No 7. Berth                                                                             10.65m

  • Maximum Beam 39m
  • Stern at 190m mark
  • Vessels with an LOA up to 230m

M144-20 (T) is cancelled.