M194-21(T) River Tamar – Drilling – Navigation Warning

Mariners are advised three boreholes will be drilled on the River Tamar  commencing Thursday, 22 July 2021, approximately 400m upriver from Tea Tree Bend, south of the power lines crossing the river. The drill barge will be appropriately lit at night and will be anchored in position using four yellow buoys lit with strobe lights to mark the drill area. The yellow buoys will be 50m apart up and downstream and up to 70m apart across the river.

Only one borehole will be drilled at any one time starting on the eastern side of the River. Mariners should not enter the area marked by the four yellow lit markers.

Position of the drilling boreholes are:

  1. (BH19)           41° 25.360 S         147° 07.086 E
  2. (BH18)           41° 25.364 S         147° 07.053 E
  3. (BH17)            41° 25.370 S         147° 07.007 E