M252-22(T) North West Bay, Margate – Navigation Warning

Mariners are advised moorings will be laid at the positions below, north of the Margate Marina in North West Bay to moor pipe in 500m sections.

Rope will be strung on the surface between each mooring with two yellow buoys between each mooring and will not be able to be navigated through by any craft.

Kayakers and shallow draft boats should navigate with care.


Latitude 43° 2.846’S Longitude 147° 16.467’E

Latitude 43° 2.860’S Longitude 147° 16.345’E

Latitude 43° 2.867’S Longitude 147° 16.267’E

Latitude  43° 2.873’S Longitude 147° 16.194’E

Latitude 43° 2.877’S Longitude 147° 16.143’E

M248-22(T) is cancelled.