M270-24(T) Storm Bay – West of Wedge Island – Marine Farm Lease 279 

Mariners are advised that mooring work will be undertaken at the West of Wedge Island lease commencing on or around 15 July 2024.

The corner markers will be moved to the coordinates below and returned once mooring works are completed on or before 15 November 2024.

Corner marker location Degrees minutes decimal WGS 84
Latitude Longitude
North 43° 7.307’S 147° 38.432′
East 43° 7.781’S 147° 39.075’E
 South 43° 8.270’S 147° 38.402’E
West 43° 7.799’S 147° 37.765’E

Mariners should transit with care and for the duration of the works there will be no access within the area as marked by the lit corner marks.