M316-21(T) Flinders Island (North-East) – Hydrographic Survey – Tidal Gauges

Mariners are advised as part of a hydrographic survey a number of tidal gauges will be deployed from the vessel ‘MV Offshore Surveyor’ in the vicinity of Flinders Island from December 2021 to April 2022.

The tidal gauges will be marked by a special marker buoy FL Y 5S.

The approximate location of the tidal gauges will be as follows:


ID Latitude Longitude
TG-1 39o 53.7’ S 148o 18.8’ E
TG-2 39o 43.0’ S 148o 18.2’ E
TG-3 39o 33.0’ S 148o 16.9’ E
TG-4 39o 23.4’ S 148o 12.0’ E
TG-5 39o 22.8’ S 148o 36.0’ E
TG-6 39o 36.4’ S 148o 37.5’ E
TG-7 39o 51.2’ S 148o 38.8’ E


Special Marker Buoys

MV Offshore Surveyor