M001-22 Inland Waters – Prohibited Areas

Mariners are hereby notified that, on and from the date of this notice, all forms of navigation within any of the areas specified in Schedule 2 of the Marine and Safety (Motor Boats and Licences) By-Laws 2013 EXCLUDING the following areas:

(a) 57. Lake Trevallyn-
(c) the waters of Stephensdale Bay, bounded to the south by the buoy line and marked by two signs on the bank at either end of the buoy line; and

(b) 100. Carlton Beach: the waters within 200 metres of the waterline extending eastward from the western end of the beach to the mouth of the Carlton River,
are prohibited at all times EXCEPTING navigation occurring with the express written authorisation of:

  • the Hydro-Electric Corporation trading as Hydro Tasmania (ABN 48 072 377 158) (Hydro) or
  • Marine and Safety Tasmania (ABN 65 826 980 806) (MAST),

such authorisation to be granted or withheld at the sole discretion of Hydro or MAST, and on such terms and conditions as Hydro or MAST may reasonably require.

For the avoidance of doubt, this notice applies to all classes of vessels including but not limited to commercial vessels, recreational motor boats and lightweight craft (incorporating sailing and human powered craft).

Persons seeking authorisation from Hydro to navigate in any specified area can call 1300 360 441 or email contactus@hydro.com.au

Persons seeking authorisation from MAST to navigate in any specified area can call 1300 135 513 or email admin@mast.tas.gov.au

This notice is given pursuant to r.71(1) of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 and remains in effect until varied or revoked. Failure to comply with this notice may result in prosecution punishable by a fine not exceeding 50 penalty units.

Date of this Notice: 1 January 2022