The positions and permit numbers of existing moorings can be viewed on MAST GIS.

MAST has a number of cruising moorings available for public use.

Mooring Rules

  1. A mooring must not be laid unless a permit for the mooring position is issued by MAST.
  2. A vessel must not tie up to an unregistered mooring.
  3. If a mooring permit is not renewed within a period of 28 days after the renewal is due, the mooring permit is cancelled.
  4. A mooring buoy must clearly and permanently display the mooring the mooring permit number. Mooring numbers are to be no less than 75mm in height.
  5. Mooring tackle size, quality and length is the responsibility of the permit holder. It must be satisfactory for the intended purpose.
  6. Moorings must be lifted and inspected at least once every two years. The permit holder must ensure the mooring is kept in good condition. MAST recommends inspection by a commercially qualified mooring contractor.
  7. The mooring permit holder must ensure that the mooring is laid ONLY in the appointed place. MAST is the only authority for altering mooring positions.
  8. MAST may ask the owner to remove moorings that are not registered.
  9. A mooring can only be used for the purpose that was stated when the permit was issued.
  10. Mooring permit holders must notify MAST of a change of address.
  11. If a mooring permit owner wishes to transfer a mooring, a transfer form must be completed. It is important to note that the permit is restricted to the purpose for which the original permit was issued – for example, a vessel of greater length cannot occupy the mooring without the permission of MAST.
  12. Mooring permits issued after 1 January 2014 cannot be transferred.  Please check with MAST prior to purchasing any mooring permit.
  13. MAST can alter the appointed position of a mooring permit if the action improves safety or navigation. Physically altering the position is the responsibility of the mooring owner.
  14. Vessels on moorings at night are not required to display navigation lights.
  15. A person cannot interfere with a mooring or a vessel at a mooring without the permission of the owner or MAST.
  16. The mooring by-laws carry a range of penalties that can be applied if requirements are not met. These range from “on the spot fines” to cancellation of a mooring permit. Complete details are contained in the Marine and Safety (Moorings) By-laws 2020.