• Complete a registration form available from MAST or Service Tasmania.
  • Form must be lodged with Evidence of Identity and proof of ownership
  • A registration fee will apply
  • Only a person who has attained the age of 16 years may apply for registration of a motor boat
  • A certificate of boat registration will be sent by mail
  • Registration renewals are mailed in November each year
  • On successful application, MAST will issue a unique registration number.  Registration numbers must be 150mm high and displayed on each side of the vessel
  • Registration numbers on a PWC may be 75mm
  • A personalised identifier may be issued on application.  MAST may refuse to assign a personalised identifier if in the opinion of MAST that number is identical or similar to a number that has already been issued, may be mistaken for another registration number, is offensive or otherwise inappropriate for display or is prohibited under any Act
  • A capacity label will also need to be displayed if a Australian Builders Plate (ABP) is not affixed to the vessel.
  • A capacity label is not required on a PWC
  • A Safe Operation Sticker must be affixed to a PWC
  • You can check the validity of your registration through the online Boat and PWC Registration Check

Registration of a Tender

Tenders not exceeding 4.5 metres and used within a distance of 0.5 nautical miles of the larger vessel need only carry the registration number of the larger vessel.

Recognition of other Registration

If your vessel carries valid registration from another state it does not require Tasmanian registration until the vessel is present in Tasmanian waters for a continuous period of three months or longer.

Vessels carrying Australian Ship Registration with AMSA must also be registered with MAST.

Bareboat Charter and Commercial Vessels

  • Vessels that you bareboat charter or pay to board as a passenger must be in commercial survey.
  • Motor boat registration is for recreational purposes only.
  • Contact AMSA for details on how to place a vessel in commercial survey