Motor Boat Registration

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Motor Boat Licence




Licence Fees

New Licences

MAST licence fees consist of a number of components.  The fee charged will depend on an applicant’s age, the type of licence applied for e.g. licence only or licence with a PWC endorsement or a PWC endorsement only for those who already hold a valid Motor Boat Licence.

Licence Fee – a variable fee based on the number of days to the common licence expiry date for all licences (currently 30 June 2024).

PWC Endorsement Fee – Licence Fee – a variable fee based on the number of days to a common expiry date for all endorsed licences (currently 30 June 2024).

The calculator below will assist you estimating the fee payable.   Service Tasmania staff will calculate the fee payable on the actual day the Evidence of Identity check is undertaken and your payment is processed.

To calculate the fee payable, simply select licence category to be paid. This can be a licence only, licence with a PWC endorsement (if you have completed the endorsement course at the same time as the licence course) or for those who already hold a licence and have completed the PWC endorsement, select the PWC endorsement.

Enter your date of birth.  For licence applicants under 17 years of age, only the application fee is payable.  For full licence holders a licence fee (and PWC Endorsement fee if applicable) is payable.

Enter the anticipated date of payment and the calculate button – the indicative fee payable will then be displayed.

New licence holders may choose to pay an additional fee of $5.00 for a plastic licence card.

Motor Boat Licence Renewal Fees – 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2027
RenewalExpiry DateAmount
Motor Boat Licence with PWC Endorsement30th June every three years$112.20 (to 30/06/2027)
Motor Boat Licences30th June every three years$56.10 (to 30/6/2027)
PWC Endorsements30th June every three years$56.10 (to 30/06/2027)
Issue of Duplicate Motor Boat Licence
Issue of DuplicateAmount
Motor Boat Licence$5.00

Registration Fees

Motor Boat Registration Fees

All recreational vessels in Tasmania are registered annually with a common expiry date of 31 December.

Motor Boat Registration Renewal Fees
RenewalExpiry DateAmount
Recreational Vessels31 December annually$89.00 (to 31/12/2024)
Motor Boat Transfer of Ownership Fee
Transfer of OwnershipAmount
Motor Boat$30.26
Duplicate Certificate of Boat Registration
Issue of DuplicateAmount
Certificate of Boat Registration$8.90
Application for Personalised Vessel Identifier
Application Fee$17.80

Mooring Fees

Mooring Registration
Mooring Application Fee
Mooring Application Fee$121.04
Mooring Variation Fee
Mooring – Variation of Permit$60.52
Mooring Renewal Fee
RenewalExpiry DateAmount
Moorings30 June annually$89.00 (to 30/6/2024)
Mooring Transfer of Ownership Fees
Transfer of OwnershipAmount

Miscellaneous Fees

Search Fee
Search Fee$42.72