Mooring permit holders are required to maintain their moorings in the appointed place and in good order and condition and have the mooring lifted and inspected at least once every two years.  Records should be kept by the owner.

Mooring permit holders must –

  • Have the mooring lifted out of the water and inspected at least once in every two years
  • Retain maintenance records for the mooring. MAST may request proof the mooring has been maintained at any time
  • Mooring permit holders must ensure that the mooring device is capable for its intended use
  • Regular checks of the mooring head rope must be made to ensure it is protected from chafe.

Mooring Tackle

A cable length of between three times the depth of water on a high spring tide (HWOST) is permitted. MAST may specify a shorter cable length if deemed appropriate. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the ground tackle is adequate for the intended use.

The mooring buoy must be an approved type and of a conspicuous colour (not black) not less than 200mm in vertical diameter and not exceeding 600mm without the written permission of MAST. The permit number must be clearly marked above the waterline and be legible at all times.

If unsure you should seek advice from a mooring contractor or naval architect on the type of mooring device that will best suit your vessel and weather exposure.