Protecting our Waterways

MAST conducts regular audits of moorings each year. The audits are designed to:

  • Remove unregistered moorings
  • Ensure moorings display their permit number clearly on the mooring buoy and above the water line as required by legislation
  • Identify and monitor vessels in poor condition
  • Check that vessels attached to moorings are registered (vessels with an engine 4HP or greater must be registered with MAST)
  • Determine if there is sufficient swing room
  • Ensure vessels attached to moorings are specified in the mooring permit and their length overall does not exceed the permits approved length. Overall length includes any additional appendages to the vessel such as bowsprits, dinghy davits, duckboards etc.
  • Identify moorings that may be sinking or pose a hazard to navigation
  • Check that the mooring has been serviced (“Lifted and Inspected”) within the last two years

How the audit process works

  1. Before an audit is conducted, a notification letter is sent to the mooring permit holder advising them of the planned mooring audit.  The audit will be conducted approximately 30 days from the date on the notification letter.
  2. The notification letter explains what you need to do to make your vessel and mooring compliant with your permit.
  3. MAST Officers will conduct the audit.
  4. A numbered corflute tag may be attached to your mooring buoy during the audit if further information is required. It is important you contact MAST on the number provided as soon as practical after the audit.
  5. If your mooring does not comply, MAST will take appropriate compliance action.  This may be in the way of a written warning, infringement notice or revocation of the mooring permit.

Proof of Service

In accordance with By-laws, mooring permit holders must provide proof of service if required. A mooring must be “lifted and inspected” at least once every two years.

This can be supplied to MAST by:

  • Providing a copy of the invoice for works carried out by a contractor
  • Completing a Self-Service Declaration Form, available on the MAST website

Time Extensions

If you are unable to meet your obligations prior to the audit commencing, you will need to contact MAST so that an alternative arrangement can be made.

Time extensions may be granted for the following reasons:

  • You are currently interstate or overseas
  • You have an illness which prevents you attending to the mooring
  • The weather has not allowed you to attend the site
  • A suitable contractor is not available to perform the work

If a time extension is granted, MAST will advise you in writing the date for when the works must be completed. Following completion of any work, MAST will require proof that the mooring has been attended to.

This may be supplied by way of:

  • Statutory Declaration
  • Dated photographs
  • Contractor receipts

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