M019-21 Grassy Harbour- Generator Platform

Mariners are advised that a 24.1 metre x 7.6 metre generator platform “UniWave 200” has been anchored to the west of Grassy Harbour breakwater in position centered on Latitude 40° 03.968’S / Longitude 144° 03.525’E. The vessel is marked by a single all-round white light of 3nm range. Ground tackle extends out 100 metres from each bow and a high voltage cable extends from the rear of the vessel to the beach.

A prohibited area has been declared within a 125-metre radius from the centre of the platform. No vessel or craft (other than one involved in servicing the generator platform) shall enter the Prohibited Area.

Regulation 71 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 provides for the declaration of a specified area, including one surrounding a vessel at anchor, to be a prohibited area for other vessels or persons.