M017-23(T) Port of Devonport – Minimum Declared Depths

Following recent bathymetric survey undertaken, the following declared depths are now applicable.


  1. For minimum depth declaration purposes, the Main Channel (Outer) is described as that area of channel from No 7 Beacon (Police Point) to Seaward. With main channel (Inner) being described as that area of channel from No. 7 Beacon to the norther end of Berth No. 1 West.
  2. It has been determined that the position of the Devonport ‘Turning Circle’ centre is: Latitude 410 11.07078’ S, Longitude 1460 21.88462’ E, which gives a radius of 140m to the edge of the respective berth boxes at 3E, 2W and 3W in all a diameter of 280m.
  3. The defined data of the ‘Turning Circle’, will be uploaded to AHO and subsequently corrected on the nautical charts.