Boat owners need to make a simple assessment of their boat’s safe persons capacity.  For boats other than inflatable boats, there are three methods:

  1. a number representing the maximum capacity calculated according to Australian Standard AS1799.1-1992; or
  2. the manufacturer’s or builder’s maximum persons capacity rating or Australian Builders Plate (ABP) (if fitted); or
  3. a capacity calculated in a manner approved by MAST.

MAST may refuse to register for the first time a motor boat, other than a second hand motor boat, if an Australian Builders Plate is not fixed to the motor boat in accordance with the ABP Standard.

Refer to Clause 9(2) in the pdf below

  • Capacity labels must be placed near the boat’s control area where they can be seen by the operator at all times.
  • The label indicates the number of people the boat can safely carry in good conditions (fair weather conditions in SMOOTH waters). The onus on safety rests with the operator at all times.
  • When using the boat in exposed waters or rough conditions, the operator should consider either reducing the number of persons taken on the trip, or not going at all.
  • Boat owners applying to register a new boat will receive a capacity label with their Certificate of Boat Registration. Extra labels can be obtained from Marine and Safety Tasmania or marine dealers.

Don’t Overload Your Boat