Your marine radio is your communication lifeline so it is important to remember that you:

  •  Do not transmit unnecessarily
  • Listen before transmitting and avoid interfering with other stations
  • Use one of the following initial calling/distress channels:
    – 27mHz channel 88
    – VHF channel 16, or
    – HF frequencies 4125, 6215 and 8291 KHz
  • Maintain best contact and be guided by the coast station for distress messages
  • Arrange to switch to a working channel once you have contacted the station you have called for non-distress messages
  • Always use your call sign or the name of the vessel for identification
  • Keep messages brief and clear
  • Are familiar with the type and syntax of emergency, urgency and safety messages
  • Give your position, the nature of the distress, the time afloat, the type of vessel and the number of people involved if making a distress call
  • Stop transmitting when requested to do so by a coast station.

Using a marine VHF radio

How to use your VHF Marine Radio