All vessels with an engine must carry a fire extinguisher

  • Only extinguishers marked as complying with AS1841.5 (1992) or AS1846 for dry chemical type are acceptable;
  • Fire extinguishers are to be readily accessible in suitable and different parts of the boat. They should not be stored in close proximity to fuel or electrics;
  • The minimum number and capacity of fire extinguishers are to be provided in accordance with the following table;
  • Boats with galleys should carry a fire blanket which should be kept in close proximity, but not behind burners or hot plates.
Vessel lengthMinimum number and capacityMinimum equivalent rating
PWCOne 0.75 kg5BE
Under 8 metresOne 0.9 kg5BE
8-12 metresTwo 0.9 kg5BE
Over 12 metres(a) three 0.9 kg – or
(b) one 0.9 kg and one 1.5 kg
5BE / 10BE